Madiba Janine


Manager - Aspire House

About me

Hi I am Janine and I am the Registered Manager of Aspire House. I have worked in Residential Care for 10 years in a variety of roles and settings. I am a qualified Physical Personal Trainer and fitness fanatic. I enjoy training in Cross Fit, playing netball, Yoga and climbing Mountains. When I am not exerting energy, I am hanging out with my 5 dogs who are Pugs, Jugs and a Boston Terrier or travelling the world and embracing different cultures and foods. I also love reading and understanding human behaviour and I have a degree in Psychology.

Why do I work in residential Care?

I have always been passionate about helping others and making people smile. My belief if that every child has the right to an amazing and extraordinary childhood filled with opportunities, positive attachments, achievements and experiences, and working in Residential Care I am able to fulfil my passions and provide outstanding care for children. In addition, I believe that no child is “not workable”, they have just developed defence strategies or need more complex care from a team that has a good insight and I firmly stand by the belief that all behaviour is learnt and therefore can be changed.

Aims for the future

To be part of a revolutionary new approach to residential care. At Madiba we aim to develop services that offers outstanding quality for both young people and staff alike. I want the staff team to feel supported and valued to allow them to deliver outstanding care. In the future I’d like to see Positive behaviour support embedded in the home and culture, the home to be working towards becoming a Therapeutic community and for the home to achieve an Outstanding Ofsted rating.